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by Karin M on Beachroller
We Love It!

I have been meaning to write a note back to you since we picked up our Beachroller at your Crosslake warehouse the end of June.  I wanted you to know how much we LOVE the Beachroller!!!  I was skeptical in the beginning as we really didn’t have a weed problem rather it was the muck and leaves that have been down at the bottom of our dock for years now.  We have a VERY sandy bottom, I knew it was there, I just did not know how to get to it again.  I could not get the children to walk on it and squish it around and every year I would take buckets  full of gunk and muck from the lake bottom up the shore and to the swamp.  It was NOT a fun job!  As the lake water increased and it got deeper and deeper, it became impossible for my 5’2” frame to scoop and carry this muck out of the swimming area.  I thought it was a lost cause; then we went to the lake and cabin show in Minneapolis this last winter and we saw your product.  I was fascinated but again. I was skeptical that it would work for what we needed.   We walked away from it but it never left my mind.  As the summer approached, school was out, we were ready to head to the cabin and I knew it would be the same old mucky mess.  I told my husband I wanted to give this Beachroller a try and since we were so close to Crosslake, we could go and pick one up.  Our car was crammed full of stuff as we made our way from our home in Chanhassen MN to the lake, but we found room for this one last item to go in after a quick stop in Crosslake. We were both excited to see it work and almost before we had the car unpacked, the Beachroller was assembled and put to work.

I was THRILLED with what I saw after three pass throughs. We could finally see the sand on the bottom again!  After several days with just a bit of work every day, we had it looking (and feeling) great!  My neighbor too, is amazed and has asked us to come over to help her with her beach.

It has been our pleasure to share this Beachroller with her and her family.  We were excited to tell her all about it!  We have a tendency to share things, so it might be that she will not purchase one for her own use…but then because of this agreement of sharing, we enjoy being able to use the LILY PAD.

Thank you again for this wonderful, easy to use and store product!


Karin M.

Minnesota Lake Cabin Owner

by fleazard on Beachroller
Beachrake Pro Cutter

Great Lake Tool - Thanks!

by Kathy on Beachroller
Beachroller works great!

Ordered on Saturday and it was delivered on Tuesday and within a half hour my husband & I were down at the dock trying it out! Are we ever impressed with the product. This design is a miracle worker. Talk about clearing the lakeshore of weeds!We have a big family reunion this Saturday at our new lake home and the timing was perfect to clean up the shoreline

by E. Johnson on Beachroller

To those folks wondering about a good investment, These are dollars well spent. We bought our roller four years ago and it has done everything as advertised. AND yesterday in the process of using it, one of the handle connectors broke. I promptly called the phone number listed and explained my problem and offered to purchase a replacement part to which Jim responded, “ you do not need to pay for the part, this is part of our customer service and I will ship it out no charge tomorrow” and he did! In summation, great product, darn good investment and wonderful customer service! THANK YOU !

by G McIntosh on Beachroller
Years of fighting lake weeds, gone in a couple of days

I bought it this spring - I was actually envisioning building something similar myself, but finally managed to do just the right Google search which led me to this. I purchased a home on a small fishing lake about 6 years ago, and while the lake is spring-fed and the water clean and clear, the area just in front of the home suffered from neglect and weeds had taken root, effectively choking out the otherwise ideal swimming area. Long story short, I've tried herbicides and other methods over the years, none of which worked very effectively. I bought this with a couple of extensions so that I could reach everywhere I needed.I now have a weed-free swimming area, and I believe that if I work this weekly over the summer, I can make a big dent in the accumulated muck (organic material) and restore the swimming area to the sandy bottom underneath.I recommend that you give this a try before spending more money on other solutions - you'll want to have this tool because it will help in most any situation, and probably will resolve most, if not all, of your unwanted lake vegetation problems in shallower areas.

by Amazon Customer on Beachroller
Works Well

This seems to be working really well in our swimming area. It’s exactly what I needed for touch-ups!

by TCMomof3 on Beachroller
Works Well!

Easer to use then any other tool we have for weeds! It does help getting rid of muck, as well as weeds. Just roll, no need to pick up or clean. We did have a prob... a nut came off one side. We went back to the Crosslake location, and prob was immediately solved.

by steve windham on Beachroller
Six Stars!

This tool is simply amazing. I've tried rakes, chemicals and cussing and this tops all of those. In just about an hour, I had completely cleared a 20' square of weeds and could feel the bottom getting firmer as I rolled.I can't wait to do more tonight!

by Courtney T. on Beachroller

The Beachroller is amazing! I bought this after a recommendation from a neighbor. Our lake shore was mucky and weedy, and after one weekend (using the Beachroller twice) the weeds are gone and the bottom is a nice hard sand! I can go in without water shoes and without sinking down a few inches. Definitely one of the best purchases for our new lake cabin

by Ms. M on Beachroller

I just received this yesterday and started using it today. This is incredible!!! What a difference in the area I rolled after using ONCE!! I don't usually write reviews, but this tool deserves five stars plus!! Guests will be able to swim from our shore again!!

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