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by steve windham on Beachroller
Six Stars!

This tool is simply amazing. I've tried rakes, chemicals and cussing and this tops all of those. In just about an hour, I had completely cleared a 20' square of weeds and could feel the bottom getting firmer as I rolled.I can't wait to do more tonight!

by Courtney T. on Beachroller

The Beachroller is amazing! I bought this after a recommendation from a neighbor. Our lake shore was mucky and weedy, and after one weekend (using the Beachroller twice) the weeds are gone and the bottom is a nice hard sand! I can go in without water shoes and without sinking down a few inches. Definitely one of the best purchases for our new lake cabin

by Ms. M on Beachroller

I just received this yesterday and started using it today. This is incredible!!! What a difference in the area I rolled after using ONCE!! I don't usually write reviews, but this tool deserves five stars plus!! Guests will be able to swim from our shore again!!

by Ron Blomquist on Beachroller

Umm yeah, get your own!,!!!!! It will quickly become the most borrowed thing you own. Should sum it up!!

by Jorjan M on Beachroller
Five Stars!

Works Well

by Rossi Gangl on Beachroller
Look no further!

I just purchased the beach roller this week after months of reviewing lake weed tools. We purchased a lake shore that not been used previously so we had some work to do. We have fully grown August weeds and about 4-8" of muck. I have been using a yard rake on and off throughout the summer to keep the weeds that are close to the dock tamed but I could only reach 4' out from the dock. The first time using the beach roller I rolled for about 1 hour and it eliminated all the weeds in our swim area. I couldn't believe how fast it pulled these weeds up especially for how thick they were. The didn't just cut weeds, it actually ripped the weeds up by the root. I have before/after pictures and a picture of the uprooted weeds. Rolling was a breeze for the most part until you hit really thick grown weeds (as you would expect). Our weeds are 6' high and I was able to still roll without any problems. My 5 and 7 year olds roll the beach every time we go to the lake with ease. As for the muck we now have hard sandy bottom where it's shallow and now we are working on our drop off area which is already down to about 2-3" of muck after 1 day of use. We used to have a leech problem and now no one has had a single leech on them! Best win ever. Assembly was simple and quick and I love the new model and it's portability. The handle breaks down for storage and for transporting (because everyone wants to use it now). Our weeds were so thick that we did have hand remove weeds from the unit but we removed an insane amount of weeds. Removing them from the roller was quick and easy (wear gloves). Overall this product is amazing! Especially if you get started in the spring. My beach just got a whole lot bigger now that it's easy to maintain. Seriously look no further than the beach roller, you'll just be wasting money.

by Bill DeWildt on Beachroller
This is the answer

Found this site an item by chance, thought I'd try it. So glad I did!!! It does just as reported and some. I have what is normally a lake bottom that is about 2" to 3" of dark muck. I've been using almost the entire season about only once every week or less often, we now have a really nice SANDY bottom!! Kids and wife love it. If any weeds try to grow back, its great to see them rise to the surface after rolling and watch float away!!!! Neighbors on both sides have nothing but weeds and muck. There's a straight line defining where it's being done and not.My advice, get one, you will be happy and the kids will too!! Also, each time you use it, it gets easier.

by Art Campione on Beachroller
best beach product!

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what a GREAT tool the beach roller is I bought it June 2017 after looking at it for 2 summers on line, After seeing what a difference it made on my lake bottom my neighbor bought one. for 8 yrs I have worked my tail off trying to improve my lake bottom, because of this tool I have finally beat it. We have just sold our home ( today) and I know because of the work I put in with the BEACHROLLER it was a contributing factor in the sale of the house. My neighbor across the lake has now bought mine after seeing what it did for me.

by tim hughes on Beachroller

We purchased our beach roller from Jim while attending one of the sportsman shows. The beach roller has made great difference in keeping our shoreline looking nice. Thanks Jim, your product is easy to use and provides great results. Jim provides exceptional customer service as well.

by Tim Drinka on Beachroller
The newer model is greatly improved!

I just purchased the newest model of the beach roller. I was lent from a neighbor, one of the first versions of this made beach roller available and found that to my liking, so decided to see if I could find one for myself. I was able to contact the company and purchased that same day. The new line of cutters are more aggressive and the rollers is over 4 lbs lighter than earlier models. This is a great product that has taken years to makes great improvements. Take my word....this will make cleaning your beach area easier than you think.Thanks Jim for an excellent product.Tim and KathyBackus, MN

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