The Beachroller is the amazing new simple tool that rips up the lake weeds and muck. It’s very easy-to-use and the only manual lakeweed cutting device that gets to the problem… the lake bottom.

The Beachroller cuts and pulls up the invasive weeds AND roots…so lake weeds do not grow back.

The cut weeds do not stay on the roller. They fly off when rolling. No need to stop and touch the nasty lake weeds, like with the lake rakes or the weed cutters. Just keep rolling! Plus with the Beachroller you are ripping up the muck and silt, getting down to the hard lake bottom.

Beachrolling only takes you a few minutes a week and it works.


From muck and weeds to sand and clear! 2/6/2016

“Amazing product!

I purchased my first lake home last year and knew we had weeds with a mucky bottom.     I began using the beachroller from my dock to clear weeds within reach, it did such a good job that I waded further in the water and cleared out a great swimming area for the grandkids.

I have a 64′ dock and clear the whole area both sides and also a large swimming area.         I now have a clear hard bottom with no weeds! I am on a lake near Harris, MN and I would roll the area once or twice a week in the spring to get rid of the original weeds. I rolled once a week in June and twice the rest of the summer for a completely weed free area. I had almost no weeds attach to the roller as it seemed to clean itself.
I am very pleased with the results and highly recommend this product”



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