The Beachroller is the amazing new simple tool that rips up the lake weeds and muck. It’s very easy-to-use and the only manual lakeweed cutting device that gets to the problem… the lake bottom.

The Beachroller cuts and pulls up the invasive weeds AND roots…so lake weeds do not grow back.

The cut weeds do not stay on the roller. They fly off when rolling. No need to stop and touch the nasty lake weeds, like with the lake rakes or the weed cutters. Just keep rolling! Plus with the Beachroller you are ripping up the muck and silt, getting down to the hard lake bottom.

Beachrolling only takes you a few minutes a week and it works.



June 21, 2016

“Very quick shipping and handling, easy assembly. I was wanting to wait to give a review but I really wanted to get this out there for possible purchasers this summer yet. If you get taller weeds get this product. Our lake lot has what I would call an extreme case of muck. When you disturb it it smells like a swamp. So anyway we have used the beachroller twice so far from the dock maybe four hours total. It really stirs up the silt and muck and easily removed all my weeds including the roots. They all floated away. The muck that was disturbed and now floated away was over a foot thick. I now have areas where the one foot a muck is virtually gone and down to the sandy lake bottom. I can’t say it enough that this product really does work. No gimmicks and I am very confident that we will have a sand bottom next year. We now have many fish that come and hang out in the cleaned out area as there is plenty of food and other habitat beyond in the undisturbed areas.

~~Brian C.


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