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Weed Free Beach!


Tired of the nasty weeds and muck in your lake?

Tried too many tools that don't work?

Sick of pulling weeds by hand?

You need the Beachroller!

The Beachroller is the amazing new simple tool that rips up lake weeds & muck. 

Very easy to use and and the only manual weed cutter device that gets to the problem....

the lake bottom.

The Beachroller cuts and pulls up the invasive weeds and roots...

so lake weeds do not grow back.

And the weeds fly off the roller. No need to stop and pull the weeds of the roller. Just keep rolling.

Plus it digs up the lake muck, getting down to the hard sandy bottom.

Only takes a few minutes per week.

And only cost $199. 

Start using your lake today!



July 24, 2014

Bob W.

Lake Minnetonka, MN

I was skeptical of your product when I first saw it and I don't typically believe testimonials that vendors put on websites. But I thought, what the heck, it was worth trying it for $200.

I have spent substantially more than that on other rakes and weed killing chemicals. I was completely shocked at how well it cleared up the weeds and silt that had accumulated over years of little swimming activity. Much more effective than anything I've previously used.

And, it actually is fun to use. I now have a weed free, hard sand swimming area approximately 60 feet wide by up to your neck deep. Time invested - probably 4-5 hours total.

No question that it is worth the money. If you tried everything else and it just doesn't seem to work that well, try this and invest a little time to see huge results. I've already referred three other people to look at this product.

Beachroller video

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